SUKUN "Breadfruit" So Super Foods to Overcome the World Hunger

The fruit is rounded and rough-skinned is known as the 'bread fruit'. Because the texture is soft and smooth like bread. Complete nutritional content, making this tropical fruit used as a solution to overcome world hunger.

Breadfruit, seedless fruit is mostly found in Indonesia on the island of Java. There is a kind of green and some are yellow. Generally processed by steaming or frying. Also made of breadfruit flour that can be processed into a variety of snacks.

The fruit is also grown in Hawaii, Samoa and the Caribbean. The seedless fruit produced by a tree that large. Each tree menghasi; breadfruit right up to 200 weighing about 500 grams - 1.2 kg per fruit. In the market price of breadfruit are also not expensive.

Many contain carbohydrates, low in fat and contains 10 times potassiumnya bananas. Every 100 grams of breadfruit contains 103 calories, carbohydrates 27.10 gran, 4.9 grams fiber, fat, 0.2 grams and 1.10 grams of protein. It also contains vitamin C, B, calcium, and other minerals kaliun.

How this fruit can fight hunger in the world? As rumored (14/11), according to the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG), more than 80% of world hunger exist in the tropics and subtropics. Very nice area for planting breadfruit. Breadfruit trees are planted and can easily live for years.

Global Breadfruit, Breadfruit Institute is responsible NTB formed as a superfood introduced breadfruit to all regions of the world.

'Every time we were planting a breadfruit tree, we reduce the danger of hunger and food shortages in the country planted breadfruit tree,' said Josh Schneider as horticultural experts from Global Breadfruit.

Schneider worked with botanists and Breadfruit Institute in Hawaii. They are planting seeds of breadfruit and send to the poorest regions in the world. Breadfruit tree has also been introduced to Haiti with the help of Trees Feed Foundation. Breadfruit trees are able to support at least 1000 orphans every day.

Breadfruit is known as ulu also has saved the islands of Hawaii and Polynesia for centuries. According to Hawaiian legend named my god saving his family from starving to bury themselves in the soil so that the breadfruit tree still thrives.

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