4 Places in Indonesia, the Myth Sustainable Houses:)

Myth in a number of destinations in Indonesia is related to love affairs are of two kinds, that makes no breakup, or the fact that even myths lasting love. Here is a destination with a durable myth mate.

If a vacation with your loved one, a myth about love in the sights could suddenly become an important issue. If the breakup myth, the destination traveler's paired shunned. But the myth that long-mate, well, a lot of couples on vacation to this place.

4 is a tourist destination that has made love the durable myth:

1. Love bridge in Tidung Island, Thousand Islands

Do not have far to look for destinations with myth pairing lasting hold. Island in the Thousand Islands there are natural Tidung assessed many tourists still pretty clean.
Tidung island famous Bridge of Love has a romantic and frequently visited by tourists. Myth, the couple jumped together from the bridge, the story of their love will last forever.

2. Botanical Gardens, Bogor

Bogor Botanical Gardens is a tourist place with a unique myth, broken love and love at the same time durable. There is a myth that couples vacationing there if love can break through the suspension bridge in the Botanical Gardens. However, in the Botanical Gardens is also a place that is believed to make long mate.

That place is a tree mate. Mate tree are 2 different types of trees, but the position of the two trees side by side and wrapped around each other at the top. Men and women can meet a mate at this place and this place to couples who can lasting relationship. That's a myth that developed at the site.

3. Asmara Island in Situ Patenggang, Bandung

Situ Situ Patenggang also called Patengan near Kawah Putih, Bandung, have durable myth mate. That place is the island of Asmara. It is an island in the middle of the lake.
If viewed from the sky, the island is shaped like a heart, love is not wrong if the myths are so attached to this place. In the middle of the island there are also Stone Love. Myth, couples who come to Stone Love Island and surrounding Asmara then they will love forever.

4. Waterfalls Kalijodoh, Pinrang

In South Sulawesi there is also a tourist destination with the myth of lasting love. That place is the waterfall Kalijodoh in Pinrang, South Sulawesi. This has a natural waterfall is still beautiful, the air here is still clean because it is surrounded lush green trees.

Kalijodoh waterfall called myths because there is a young couple who met his soul mate, then will successfully foster home. No wonder the holidays arrive, 2 hectares this destination visited by tourists, especially those who are in pairs.

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